Thursday, November 29, 2007

Installation of True Track and Track Lock in a 2005 TJ Jeep Wrangler

Today Jeff installed a True Track in the front and a Track Lock in the rear of a 2005 Jeep TJ. The customer said he does not do any major 4 wheeling, but has problems slipping on a few trails going up to the high lakes in this area. He wanted to go the less expensive way but be suitable for him. This jeep is also a daily driver and living here you do not want to have lockers in that do not disengage. This can be dangerous on slick roads. Jeff suggested the Track Lock and True Track and that was what the customer wanted. Both the True Track and the Track Lock came from Randy's Ring and Pinion.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finding out what gears you have in your Jeep

I get this question asked a lot when someone is lifting the jeep and putting bigger tires on and need to change gears. HOW DO I FIND OUT WHAT GEARS I HAVE? Well I'm going to share this with you. On the pumpkin you should have a plate. This should tell you what gears you have. If not then on the ring gear you will have two numbers. You will have a larger number on the left and a smaller number on the right. The larger number is the quantity of teeth on the ring gear and the smaller number is the quantity of teeth on the Pinion. If this is not readable then you will have to look at th e ring gear and pinion and count. Once you have these two numbers you will divide the ring gear by the pinion and that will let you know what g ears you have. Example: in this 2005 stock TJ. The ring gear is 43 and pinion is 14. Divide the 43 by 14 and you have 307 gears.

Tomken Specials on Jeep Bumpers, Winch Plates, and Rock Bars

I wanted to let you know that we have put some items that are over stocked at the time on sale. They will be on sale while supplies last. It is a mix of items. Bumpers, winch plates, rock bars and some other items.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1991 XJ Cherokee One of the Early Tomken Builds

I thought I might back up and share some of the past builds. This is one of the first Jeep builds for Tomken. This 1991 XJ Cherokee belonged to the original owners of Tomken Machine, Tom and Deanna McMullen. It started with the fuel Inj Dodge 360 V-8 and 518 auto over drive tans. Then the 9" Ford rear end, 4:56 gears, Detroit Locker in the rear, and ARB Air Locker in the front. Next was the Trailmaster Lift Kit with Eibach springs. As we all know with lifting comes the Unitrax Driveshaft. As I mentioned this was in the early year of Tomken Machine and one of the first builds.

In 1995 Tom and Deanna were killed in an airplane crash. Very good friends of Tom and Deanna's became the new owners of this jeep. They have been great about having us keep it up to date with newest Tomken parts.

In 2001 Jeff designed the XJ 8" long arm kit and it was put on to replace the Trailmaster. Later on Front and Rear bumpers, both with receivers and a swing out tire carrier was added. It's a true Tomken machine. We have had the opportunity to have this with us at several shows this year and want to thank the owners for this.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The New Tomken Swing Out Tire Carrier

We like to get feed back from our customers and use it to better our product. Tomken Swing Out Tire Carrier first stated out with the Pin style closer with ½” bolt in swivel end.

Next came the Screw on Knob style closer. It was a tighter fit, but the knob was a problem as for laying it down and misplacing it or if not put on tight it would work its way loose.
Last but not least is the Cam Over Latch closer and we upgraded the ½” bolt and brass bushing to ¾” that can be greased. NO MORE RATTLE!
We have this on the back of our YJ with Gerry Can (full of gas), Hi-Lift, 35” tire and usually an ice chest and small grill in the Rocky Rack for two summers and it is great. So yes we do listen to what you say

Monday, November 5, 2007

Project MJ Commanche Jeep Truck

Last spring my father-in-law decided to give up his 1989 MJ Comanche Jeep Truck. It was like seeing the little boy come out in my husband. He had always wanted it and to fix it up. My step son was here for the summer and Dave waited for him to help with the lift kit. That was a great father son project. (Picture: Bryan and MJ before lifted)

They put on Tomken’s 8” long arm kit for the front and did a spring over in the rear. With putting this much lift the rear drive shaft had to be longer. Then he stole the 35” tires off my 76 blazer. Which I can’t complain since he sold his GMC with 6” lift to buy me the Grand Cherokee. Now the story behind WHY 8” of lift. When we first finished the grand and they sat face to face in front of the house at the time the MJ had 4" lift and the grand towered over the MJ he could not handle it. That was when he decided to go the 8”. Which I admit it dose look good.

Next one of our Tomken front bumpers for the the 84-96 XJ Cherokee went on. My father-in-law already had this on the MJ when he passed it on. Dave wanted to give it a face lift though. All of our front XJ bumpers will fit the MJ’s. Also the grill guard. Much need around here with all the deer.

Now the rear of the MJ is different from the XJ, so they had to design a new rear. This bumper is made of 2x6 heavy steel. It comes with or without d-ring mounts.

Last but not least and very important comes the 2 x 4 rock bars. These bars mount to the frame rails and pinch well.

This turned out to be a great project and needless to say my hubbies pride and joy

New JK Parts

In March a lady called and asked if we had any bumpers for the new JK. I explained to her that we have not had a JK available to use for proto typing. She said let me see what I can do, my husband needs a vacation. A few days later she called back and asked if we were ready for him to come. I believe he arrived on a Thursday at our shop. He spent the week in Buena Vista checking out our little town from Thursday until Monday or Tuesday. Dave and Jeff worked all weekend on front and rear bumpers, swing out tire carrier, gerry can / hi-lift mounts, and rocky rack. What a weekend. We were very thankful for the use of this New JK Jeep.

The front bumper is made of 1/4 and 3/16 steel contoured to a perfect fit. It is winch ready for most winches ( 4 1/2 x 10 bolt pattern). Comes with 3/4" D-ring/Tow Bar Mounts, great for recovery or for towing. Comes with or without brush guard .

We have two diffrent style rear bumpers. One is made of 2 x 6 heavy structural tubing contoured for perfect fit

The other is made of 3/16 steel and 2 x 6 heavy structural tubing. Both haveIntegrated frame plate brackets.

If not using the Swing Out Tire Carrier you will still need the spare tire relocator with the stock tier. You can also use this with the stock bumper and a larger tier. Moves tire out 2 ½” and up 1 ½”

Swing Out Tire Carrier bolts on to Tomken protect bumper. Camover latch closer. Swivel end 3/4" bolt and bushings with grease fitting. Can hold up to 37.

You can choose from Dual Gerry Can Mounting or Single Gerry Can and Hi L-ft Jack Mounting. Both attach to the Tomken Swing Out Tire Carrier

Like I said we are very thankful for customers and the Jeeps they lend to us.

Friday, November 2, 2007

1996 Grand Cherokee

Well I guess I will start with what has gone on this year. In March I purchase a 1996 ZJ Grand Cherokee, my husband sold his Chevy truck that was lifted 6”, what a sweetie and I sold the mini van for the Grand. First we put the rear bumper and swing-out tire carrier and 2 x 4 rock bars. Next we wanted to do a new Winch bumper. The guys did a great job. Nice clean fit and easy install. Then the lift. We have a 4.25 that we put on plus a spacer in front and rear. This caused some drive line mod, but that was OK because I wanted to run at least 33's. I'm very happy with it. It's my daily driver and is great on the highway. I drove all the way to Moab pulling a trailer with all of our show display and had no problems. Dave was having problems keeping up with me. One thing I have learned is when going off road at all DISCONNECT front sway bar. Yes the rear bumper is sought. This summer we filled a trailer full of wood ( 1 cord ) and pulled it down the mountain. It did all kinds of twisting and turning with the load on it and no problems. Dave laughs at me because know I fill I have a way to haul anything I want with my Jeep.