Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Snow Snow What do we do with it all

This morning when we arrived at the entrance the wind had blown a drift across the cattle guard that was as high as the front of my jeep and oh 4 to 5 ft in and then slanted off. Dave and Jeff hiked in to the shop and call our neighbor for help. He came down and knock a whole in it so we could get our vehicles up to the shop. You know 2 months ago I thought it was really cool to get to play on the way up the road but you know its getting a little old. I think its just all the worry about getting the road clear out so the steel truck and ups can get to us. They say we have another storm coming through tonight and tomorrow and then it is suppose to warm up a little. I’m not a city person but I think I’m ready to go to the city for the weekend so I can see some dirt. OH well just think how pretty and green every thing will be this summer.

Monday, February 4, 2008

NEW Tomken CJ YJ TJ LJ Wrangler front bumper that Accommodates the Blue Ox Tow Bar

This 54” steel front bumper is made of 2 x 4 rectangular tubing. Tapered ends for steeper approach and departure angles. Comes with solid steel tow pins for easy strap attachment. We have designed this bumper with tow mounts integrated in bumper, welded to back surface and face of bumper for stronger hold.

The spacing of the mounts or for the Blue OX Tow Bar. Another nice feature is the brush guard with light tabs.
Like all of Tomken products it is powder coated. You can find this item on our web site Part number TMF-7310-B.

Monday, January 28, 2008

CJ YJ TJ LJ Jeep Wrangler 3rd Brake Relocator

Now that you have your swing out installed, we offer a brake light relocator that will move the 3rd brake light up so it can be seen. First you will need to disconnect the wiring.

You can open tail gate and remove cover over door hinge and you will find the disconnect for the lights.
Once disconnected pull wire through.

Remove the 3rd brake light and stock tire mount.

Hold bracket to bottom of light and measure to cut off excess.
Trim of excess, mark and drill holes for mounting.

Mount bracket to light and then mount all to jeep.

CJ YJ TJ LJ Jeep Wrangler Swing Out Tire Carrier Install

To start the installation of the swing out tire carrier, attach the cam over latch to the bracket.
Attach the bump stop to the back side of arm holes are predrilled

Attach the arm to the swivel end bracket. Locate swivel end bracket on bumper just to the right of the tow pin. (leave just under 1/8” between bracket and tow pin) Mark and drill the ½” holes only ( the 7/16 will come later) in the swivel end bracket. A smaller pilot hole will be help full

Line up the latch end bracket, mark and drill. Put all ½ bolts in. Do this o both brackets. Be sure to use backing plates. Snug nuts but do not tighten.

Open the cross arm enough to clear the upper catch tab. Then raise the cross arm to where it is exactly even with the tab. Hold in position and drill 7/16” hole in swivel end bracket.

Install upright and tighten all hardware.

Place the upper stud that is welded on the upright through a lug hole in the rim and in stall the 1/2x20 lug nut. Place the 1/2x2/x2 bolt through the rim retainer and the center hole of the rim.

Grease the bushing on the swivel end. Fill till you see grease coming out. Project is finished.
Just a note. Before installing swing out be sure that when bumper was installed that the strap from the bumper to the frame rail is installed if not. Give us a call. You DO NEED THESE

Friday, January 25, 2008


The front bumper is the easiest install. First of course you remove the stock bumper. On the later models like the TJ you will reuse the stock bolts or you can use hardware provided. You have two bolts on top and one on bottom of each side. Remove all six bolts take off stock bumper. Put Tomken bumper in place and replace bolts along with stock tow hooks at the same time.

We found the road to Tomken Machine

It started snowing the first week of December and we have not seen the ground sense. Several evening we had problems getting out and then back in the next morning. Thank goodness we did not have any deliveries come in the big trucks through all this.

Last weekend we had to call a local excavating company to come out with the big machines. It was out of control.

Out in the field they pushed snow up on the north side of the road to make a snow wall so when the wind blows it will drift in the field and not in the road. They also pushed the snow over on the right side. The wind blew to day and it all work well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Installation of a Rear Tomken after market steel bumper on a TJ Wrangler Jeep

I am going to go through a few of the steps of installing one of our rear bumpers. First of all of course you need to remove the stock bumper.

On the newer wranglers, the TJ Jeep started putting just two holes on each side for mounting the stock bumper. If your jeep only has the two on each side you will need to drill two more holes. Put bumper up to the plate, line up the two existing holes and mark for the others. First do a pilot hole then drill two 7/16 hole.

Now this is a very helpful hint for when trying to assemble bolt lock washer and nut.
Wrap a piece of wire around a 3/8 x 14 bolt the back bolt out. Then screw in the 7/16x14x1 ¼” bolt.

Take the end of the wire and go in at the back side of plate the through the bumper bracket and pull bolt through. Before doing this don’t forget to put lock washer on the bolt. Do this step to all four of the inside bolts. Carefully put bumper in place start these 4 bolts with nuts. Follow with the outside four bolts. These can be put on with out the wire. You can do the first four with out the wire, but good luck it is hard to reach

We furnish frame brackets which help strengthen and stabilize the bumper. You can use the stock bolts that come on a TJ or the bolts we provide. You will mount it to the frame and to the bottom of the bumper at the tow pin. Once in place tighten, then go back to the four on each side and tighten.
This is a finished project or ready to add a swing out tier carrier.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Installed 2 x 4 Tomken Rock Bars on a 2005 Rubicon TJ

We installed a set of 2 x 4 on a 2005 Rubicon. The bars not only work great for protecting the body when wheeling in the rocks, but from road debris. They are made of 2 x 4 rectangular steel completely enclosed. These bars mount to the frame rail and are strong enough for use with a high lift jack. No welding is required on the installation. You have 1 hole on each bracket that has to be drilled. Complete bolt on. The owner of this jeep is looking at lifting 3 to 4 inches, front and rear bumpers and swing out tire carrier some time this spring . He’s got the fever

Friday, January 11, 2008

Buena Vista Colorado Snow Storms along with the wind.

Well we lost our road 2 or 3 times yesterday. Around 1:30 Jeff went out to make a pass with the plow jeep, it was closing in then . He went back out around 2:30 and tried to plow some more and got stuck. YAAA I was excited because we put a Black Mountain Winch on my Grand Cherokee last winter and I have never got a chance to see if it works. We hooked it up and start to pull well the plow jeep was so buried and the plow was wedged in the bank that when I started to winch in, with my jeep in park with emerg brake on the plow jeep was not coming out but my jeep was going forward it was a little scary. I kept trying and my jeep just got closer it was just the wrong jeep was moving. So yes the Black Mountain Winch works and yes our new winch bumper is sturdy. Anyway a neighbor up the hill came to the rescue with his tractor and they lifted and moved the jeep. Well the excitement has started to leave realizing that we are not going to be able to get out to go home. The neighbor went to work on the road. His wife also need to get out to go get the kids from school. It took till around 6:00 for him to just get a path wide enough for us all to get out. It was like a loosing battle. The wind was still blowing and it was trying to fill back up as fast as he moved it. We did get out. Well this was the sight when I turn in to the entrance this morning.
Our other neighbor was out before 5:00 trying to get the road open. He did get a path opened up and then both neighbors started between the snow fence that disappeared awhile back and the road to push up the snow to make wall so when the wind blows it will drift out in the field instead of the road. They worked hard this morning clearing the road. When leaving this afternoon it looked like a road again. Most times when it snows we are able to take care of it with just the plow jeep. Here lately we had to call out the big guns. I am very thankful for neighbors that help.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Repair on an ATV Honda Snow Plow and Snow Plow Mounting Brackets

Snow, snow, snow what do we do with it. In this valley the past few weeks the main topic is plowing, getting unstuck, or when is it going to end. A gentleman brought in an ATV that he uses to keep the snow plowed in his driveway. The mounting brackets for the snow plow were bent so Jeff took them off and made a set of heavy duty brackets to replace these. He added a gusset made of ¼ steel to help reinforce the bracket.

The plates that mount the plow to the brackets were also bent. Jeff cut them off and welded on new plates made of ¼ steel

Now he back on the road and we wish him all the luck. Here are some pic of the road up to our shop that were taken a few days ago and the road was almost shut when I left the shop late this evening.