Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1991 XJ Cherokee One of the Early Tomken Builds

I thought I might back up and share some of the past builds. This is one of the first Jeep builds for Tomken. This 1991 XJ Cherokee belonged to the original owners of Tomken Machine, Tom and Deanna McMullen. It started with the fuel Inj Dodge 360 V-8 and 518 auto over drive tans. Then the 9" Ford rear end, 4:56 gears, Detroit Locker in the rear, and ARB Air Locker in the front. Next was the Trailmaster Lift Kit with Eibach springs. As we all know with lifting comes the Unitrax Driveshaft. As I mentioned this was in the early year of Tomken Machine and one of the first builds.

In 1995 Tom and Deanna were killed in an airplane crash. Very good friends of Tom and Deanna's became the new owners of this jeep. They have been great about having us keep it up to date with newest Tomken parts.

In 2001 Jeff designed the XJ 8" long arm kit and it was put on to replace the Trailmaster. Later on Front and Rear bumpers, both with receivers and a swing out tire carrier was added. It's a true Tomken machine. We have had the opportunity to have this with us at several shows this year and want to thank the owners for this.


NduguNStephie said...

This is really random.. but I was googling my Aunt and Uncle (Tom and Deanna) and I came upon your blog.. Thought I would just make a note.. =) Nice to know thier memory still lives on!

Lopez said...

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of Tom and Deanna's plane crash. I am one of two of their only nieces and miss them dearly. It was really nice reading this blog that was written 12 years after their passing.

God Bless.

Philippe DANH said...

16th anniversary of Tom and Deanna's death today. I miss them and now wish I had spent more time with them, even after I left their publishing group. Zepo ? Do you know if they were buried somewhere where I can pay them a visit ?
Thanks. Philippe DANH (