Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 JK Jeep 4 door Rock Bars

Awhile back a couple stopped by the shop to see if we had rock bars for the 4 door JK. I explained not yet but if they were willing to give up the jeep for a few days for us to design a set that would be great. We use 2 x4 rectangular steel for all of our other rock bars. The gentleman had requested that we use 2 x 6 on his. The purpose of this was to deflect road particles from the side of the jeep. We did not have a problem with this. We thought we could make the set for them like they wanted them but then just use the regular 2 x 4 for our design. Well this guy had a great idea. The 2 x 6 looks great on this jeep, so the JK’s get 2 x 6 rock bars. It pays to listen to the customer

Mounting brackets and hardware

With being so long they have 3 mounting points

Use Factory body mount bolts. No drilling

This is a very easy install.

After they picked the jeep up a while later they stopped by and they had a noise that had started after the rock bars were installed. After taking a look at things J
eff realized that on one of the corners it had to be rounded off a little more to keep from vibrating on the head of a bolt. I talked to the gentleman the other day and he said all is good. That’s what I like to hear. We want to thank them for letting us use the jeep.

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