Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Repair on an ATV Honda Snow Plow and Snow Plow Mounting Brackets

Snow, snow, snow what do we do with it. In this valley the past few weeks the main topic is plowing, getting unstuck, or when is it going to end. A gentleman brought in an ATV that he uses to keep the snow plowed in his driveway. The mounting brackets for the snow plow were bent so Jeff took them off and made a set of heavy duty brackets to replace these. He added a gusset made of ¼ steel to help reinforce the bracket.

The plates that mount the plow to the brackets were also bent. Jeff cut them off and welded on new plates made of ¼ steel

Now he back on the road and we wish him all the luck. Here are some pic of the road up to our shop that were taken a few days ago and the road was almost shut when I left the shop late this evening.

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