Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Jeep Bug

In the fall a couple walked in the front door wanting a way to mount extra lights to the front of the jeep. They had been out on a trail and it got dark and they were sort of lost for a little while. The wife wanted more light so they could see. Well that week we sold them the Front bumper, with brush guard, a winch plate and winch. He purchased the lights and had us put them on. Well they will have no problem  with lighting now.

Well the jeep bug hit them. Next trip in was the complete rear system. You have to have a place to carry a hi lift jack and extra gas, so you don’t get stranded.

Ok, when putting all this steel on you may loose an 1” in clearance. Yes your correct, it is lift time. We just installed 4” lift, and 35” tires

Now that the lift is on, he knows he will be doing a little more aggressive trails and needed the gas tank skid, rock bars, and custom tube fenders. Wow  what a build.

He is ready to go and just think this all started with wanting a light bar. He got the bug bad, HIGH FEVER. It’s a Jeep thing you would not understand!

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