Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Installation of a Rear Tomken after market steel bumper on a TJ Wrangler Jeep

I am going to go through a few of the steps of installing one of our rear bumpers. First of all of course you need to remove the stock bumper.

On the newer wranglers, the TJ Jeep started putting just two holes on each side for mounting the stock bumper. If your jeep only has the two on each side you will need to drill two more holes. Put bumper up to the plate, line up the two existing holes and mark for the others. First do a pilot hole then drill two 7/16 hole.

Now this is a very helpful hint for when trying to assemble bolt lock washer and nut.
Wrap a piece of wire around a 3/8 x 14 bolt the back bolt out. Then screw in the 7/16x14x1 ¼” bolt.

Take the end of the wire and go in at the back side of plate the through the bumper bracket and pull bolt through. Before doing this don’t forget to put lock washer on the bolt. Do this step to all four of the inside bolts. Carefully put bumper in place start these 4 bolts with nuts. Follow with the outside four bolts. These can be put on with out the wire. You can do the first four with out the wire, but good luck it is hard to reach

We furnish frame brackets which help strengthen and stabilize the bumper. You can use the stock bolts that come on a TJ or the bolts we provide. You will mount it to the frame and to the bottom of the bumper at the tow pin. Once in place tighten, then go back to the four on each side and tighten.
This is a finished project or ready to add a swing out tier carrier.

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