Monday, January 28, 2008

CJ YJ TJ LJ Jeep Wrangler Swing Out Tire Carrier Install

To start the installation of the swing out tire carrier, attach the cam over latch to the bracket.
Attach the bump stop to the back side of arm holes are predrilled

Attach the arm to the swivel end bracket. Locate swivel end bracket on bumper just to the right of the tow pin. (leave just under 1/8” between bracket and tow pin) Mark and drill the ½” holes only ( the 7/16 will come later) in the swivel end bracket. A smaller pilot hole will be help full

Line up the latch end bracket, mark and drill. Put all ½ bolts in. Do this o both brackets. Be sure to use backing plates. Snug nuts but do not tighten.

Open the cross arm enough to clear the upper catch tab. Then raise the cross arm to where it is exactly even with the tab. Hold in position and drill 7/16” hole in swivel end bracket.

Install upright and tighten all hardware.

Place the upper stud that is welded on the upright through a lug hole in the rim and in stall the 1/2x20 lug nut. Place the 1/2x2/x2 bolt through the rim retainer and the center hole of the rim.

Grease the bushing on the swivel end. Fill till you see grease coming out. Project is finished.
Just a note. Before installing swing out be sure that when bumper was installed that the strap from the bumper to the frame rail is installed if not. Give us a call. You DO NEED THESE

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